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Alarm System with Solar Driveway Sensors


  • Wireless
  • Simple set up
  • 2 remote controls
  • UPS facility on control panels
  • Additional siren
  • Excellent value
  • Can be used as chime (warning) function to notify you of visitors
  • ECO friendly solar powered twin beam driveway sensors – no cables or power supply required
  • 150m transmission range between solar IR sensors and control panel (open line of sight)
  • Solar IR sensors can be placed up to 50m apart
  • 2 indoor sensors included (PIR and magnetic door catch)


Intelligent Alarm System with Solar Driveway Sensors

REDUCED FROM £195.83 + VAT  to  £149.99 + VAT

HG Security is pleased to offer this new alarm system for sale.  We have had one of these on test at our offices for several years, purely as a driveway alarm to alert us of visitors.  The control panel gives an alert tone when the control panel is in standby mode and the sensors are triggered, or there are different settings to sould the alarm when any connected sensors are triggered.  The full basic system comprises of:

1 pair solar twin beam IR sensors (transmitter and receiver) – extra pairs of these can be added.

1 control panel with autodial feature, via a fixed landline.  An SIM card is required (not supplied)

2 remote controls

1 internal PIR sensor

1 magnetic door catch

1 internal siren

Very easy to set up – just fix the Solar IR sensor beams (and magnetic door sensor/PIR sensor) in position, line them up, turn on the control panel, set your desired functions and it’s working.  If you need any extra help with setup, you may find this YouTube video useful.

Feature of the System

IR twin beam sensors are solar powered – an internal lithium battery is charged by the solar cell …..


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