Static Security Guards and Officers – Trained and SIA Licensed


  • 24 hour response centre
  • Real time guard monitoring system
  • All of our office staff and security guards are experienced, trained and SIA licensed
  • National coverage UK-wide
  • No delays in responding to incidents with the on site presence of our patrolling security guards
  • Tailored packages available
  • Comply with Security Industry Authority regulations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Established in 1992

Professional Security Guard Company

Properties are becoming more and more at risk, with vandalism and theft on the increase.  House Guards Security provide licensed, experienced, security guards to protect your property, whether it is vacant or occupied.  Each security guard has access to our manned 24 hour control room.  All of our security guards are screened and vetted in line with the SIA requirements, to British Standard 7858.

If your requirement is for a higher level of security, either overnight, weekend or 24 hour – patrolling on site security guards may be the answer to your needs.

This is the highest level of security guarding that we offer.  Thus giving you a full-time patrolling service on your site.  All of our security guards are trained to the very highest standards.  This ensures that they are able to provide you with the protection you need on your property.  We also have experienced dog handlers available should you require them.  A real time electronic patrol monitoring system can be used on the sites that we cover.  This enables us to communicate with our manned guarding teams at all times.  Whilst digital surveillance systems offer an adequate level of security for many sites, the protection provided by our full-time guards is second to none.  Our security service is often the most cost effective option for sites where security is of paramount importance.

Manned Guarding – A Physical Deterrent

The presence of fully trained and experienced security personnel has proven to be a highly effective deterrent to both casual thieves and career criminals on sites all over the world.  Physical guards also provide a level of accountability that CCTV cameras alone cannot match.  Any attempted break-ins can be dealt with immediately and detailed verbal reports phoned in if necessary.  Although electronic alarm systems are very effective in certain situations, one thing they cannot do is adapt to changing circumstances.  This is something that human security operatives can do with ease.  If you want to be absolutely sure that your site has the best property protection available, we believe that our physical patrols are the only solution.  As you would expect when dealing with one of the UK’s best manned guarding companies, all the security personnel that we provide are fully trained and licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Meeting Your Requirements

Please call us on 01547 560022 to discuss your requirements.  Our flexible service is fully customisable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients.  Our 24 hour patrols have been very effective when used in a number of different areas.    E.g. railway maintenance sites, electric sub-station sites, shop refitting projects and overnight security for a road-show.  These sites all had expensive machinery, plant and materials on site which are increasingly becoming a target for thieves.  Our success record speaks for itself…. attempted break-ins have been minimal, and have been thwarted due to the on-site presence and regular patrols of our security guards.