This falls into 2 parts – the licensing of the individual guards and also the ACS accreditation awarded to selected security companies.
You have made the decision to invest in a security strategy or security guards. Therefore you need to know that you can rely on a trustworthy provider and have a breakdown of exactly what you get for your money.
One way to ensure that you are spending your money wisely is to hire fully trained and vetted SIA security guards from a company that is an SIA Approved Contractor, like those at HG Security & Property Protection Ltd. Here is a brief outline of why this is so important.
Quality you can trust
The Security Industry Authority (SIA) was created by the government to protect your interests when employing security services. By the SIA’s effective regulation of the private security industry, businesses have seen a reduction in criminality, raised standards of services and personnel, and a clearer picture of quality of service. When a guard holds an SIA licence (which is a legal requirement), you can ensure that the private security operative is fully trained and vetted to complete his or her job. Employing the services of an Approved Contractor under the SIA ACS scheme gives you further reassurance that the company has gone through a rigorous testing procedure that examines all aspects of their operation and ensures that they perform to a strict code of conduct and a high standard of quality.

The Home Office says
‘The SIA recognises that it is essential for security personnel to have undergone a structured programme of learning and education resulting in recognised qualifications if they are to be effective and professional in their role’.

A security guard who is fully licensed by the SIA will have been trained to respond to any situation that they may experience out in the field.
This training includes:
• Awareness of the law in the private security industry
• Health and safety
• Fire awareness
• Emergency procedures
• Communication skills with customer care
• Patrolling, access and egress control
• Technology and systems in the security environment
• Security officers, the law and communication
• Reporting and record keeping
Accommodating business demands
The Private Security Industry Act was brought in to regulate the private security industry in England and Wales in 2001, following this it was implemented in Scotland (2007) and Northern Ireland (2009). Since then there have been many changes to the accreditation, but despite scrutiny of its effectiveness, it remains in force. Security companies and clients alike can see the clear benefits of hiring security guards that hold a SIA licence. Always carrying your best interests at heart, the SIA is there to protect the public by delivering value and developing its’ people and its’ organisation in line with business demands.
HG Security are proud to be a SIA ACS approved security provider. We only employ security personnel who are fully trained and vetted to the highest industry standards.

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